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Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Accountability


Position Title:

Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability

Employment Status: Full-Time Exempt

Reports to: Superintendent/CEO

Salary: Commensurate with education, qualifications and experience.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Superintendent/CEO, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability (DCIA) organizes, coordinates, implements, and participates in the activities that assure educational objectives are accomplished and accountability metrics are achieved. The DCIA is an active member of the school’s leadership team, which collaborates regularly on setting the school’s strategic direction. The DCIA is responsible for the development and implementation of educational standards, facilitating group processes toward common objectives, the conversion of broad program goals into action plans, and integrating and aligning educational programs. The DCIA is responsible for instructional leadership of the 6-12 school program and ensures that educational objectives are aligned to state frameworks and to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement, instructional excellence, and community support in all subject areas. This includes providing development of and oversight for curriculum and instruction, including curriculum audits and the implementation of recommendations, coaching, leading professional development, leading data-driven decision-making, and managing all internal academic assessments and data coordination.

In addition, the DCIA plans, coordinates, implements and evaluates the Title programs and develops, directs, evaluates and administers procedures, programs, budgets, staffing and staff development as related to applicable programs/services and advises the Superintendent/CEO on matters regarding Instructional Programs school wide. The DCIA assists the Superintendent/CEO in all matters as defined by the Superintendent/CEO.

The DCIA evaluates and provides leadership for the overall instructional program of the school, with particular emphasis on the articulation of the program between the middle school and the high school. The DCIA shall be responsible for the cooperative working relationship among building principals, department heads/teacher leadersand such instructional and curriculum committees as are necessary to establish a well coordinated program of education from grade six through grade twelve.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Supervises the effective and efficient implementation of the educational and instructional programs in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and the provisions of the school’s Accountability Plan and its authorizer, the SUNY Charter Schools Institute (CSI).

  • Responsible for the development of annual goals and action planning for the 6-12 instructional program.

  • Assists in the creation of all reports, records, and other paperwork as required by the Board

  • of Trustees, the New York State Department of Education, and the Federal Government, and/or paperwork that may be appropriate to the school's administration.

  • Keeps the Superintendent/CEO informed and works cooperatively with all other administrators in the middle and high schools on school wide matters.

  • Leads appropriate professional meetings.

  • Establishes and maintains efficient administrative procedures to support the teaching and learning functions of the school.

  • Performs other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent/CEO.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Responsible for the implementation of curriculum aligned with state frameworks, student and teacher performance objectives, curriculum standards and proficiencies in all subject areas.

  • Directs the development, evaluation, and revision of curriculum and instruction and assumes responsibility for the implementation of approved programs. Coordinates and articulates curriculum among and between the grades.

  • Responsible for the formulation, planning, and implementation of the professional development program for professional staff (teachers and administrators).

  • Works with building principals and teacher leaders in the evaluation of instructional materials, including textbooks, digital resources, library/media acquisitions, and other instructional materials.

  • Ensures the effective use of technology in the teaching-learning process.

  • Provides leadership in developing plans for instructional research; pilot studies for curriculum, instruction, and technology; and new courses of study.

  • Responsible for assessing results of programs and addressing areas in need of improvement.

  • Seeks and applies for appropriate competitive grants.

  • Responsible for the formulation, planning, and implementation of state and federal grants.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Works with building principals and teacher leaders to develop plans for assessing and monitoring the progress of all students. Coordinates and articulates assessment among and grades.

  • Oversees the planning and delivery of all state and federally funded compensatory education services.

  • Creates and monitors the system to maintain individual student records and reports of pupil progress.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Assists with recruitment, selection, and training of personnel and makes sound recommendations relative to personnel placement, assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.

  • Supervises and manages supervisees in compliance with local, state, and federal law and the policies and procedures of the school district.

  • Observes and evaluates instructional staff in accordance with established procedures.

  • With building principals, responsible for developing and directing the orientation and induction program for new teachers, including assigning mentors.

  • Promotes effective communication and cooperation among administrators and teacher leaders.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Assists in the development of budgets including staffing needs, instructional materials and resources, and provision for the activities of the school.

  • Coordinates the preparation of department and program budget requests through the improvement planning process.

  • Develops, monitors, and maintains state, federal, and competitive grant budgets.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Promotes and assists in the coordination of effective communication.

  • Promotes effective communication among all members of the school community.

  • Develops and maintains good relations with the school community.

  • Provides for two-way communication with principals, teachers, staff, parents, and community.

  • Demonstrates skill in conflict resolution with administrators, parents, teachers, staff, and community.

  • Articulates the school’s mission, instructional philosophy, and curriculum implementation strategies to the community and solicits its support in realizing the school's mission.

  • Demonstrates awareness of school-community needs and initiates activities to meet those needs.

  • Demonstrates use of appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement.

  • Monitors professional research and disseminates ideas and information to other professionals.

  • Seeks talent and support from the community to further the educational goals of the school.

  • Works cooperatively with colleagues within the school and from other schools.

  • Serves on school wide committees, participates in school wide activities, and represents the school as warranted, or as directed by the Superintendent/CEO.


Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

  • Sets goals for self-improvement; carries out individual growth plan developed with the

  • Superintendent/CEO.

  • Maintains a high level of competence in the field of education, remaining current in issues

  • related to areas of responsibility.

  • Maintains a high level of personal integrity and a strong work ethic.

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